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A Mark of Success?
Achim Schneeberger, MD, talks about the Phase II study that demonstrated…



An epilepsy drug treating cognitive impairment in #alzheimers is moving to Phase III http://t.co/eQwFnJAYT6 http://t.co/oKs2qXqgN7



In Wake of Actavis/Allergan Deal, CEOs Eye Growth

In the year’s largest acquisition in any industry, Dublin, Ireland based specialty and generic drugmaker Actavis announced plans to acquire Allergan for $66 billion in cash …

Nuplazid Submission For Parkinson’s Psychosis Delayed

Acadia Pharmaceuticals says it has pushed back their tar- geted release date of the New Drug Application (NDA) for Nuplazid, a Parkinson’s disease psychosis therapy. The com…

Migraine Treatment on Hold

Originally expecting an approval decision by the end of November, Avanir Pharmaceuticals’ experimental migraine drug-device has been delayed. AVP-825 is a drug-device com…

Data Show Zetia Plus Statin Reduces Risk for CVEs

A nearly decade-long study shows that the cholesterol drug Zetia (ezetimibe) lowered the risk of heart attacks and strokes in high-risk heart patients when it was used with an…

Promising Phase II Results Seen for Parkinson’s Drug

Cynapsus Therapeutics released positive top-line results from its CTH-105 Phase II clinical trial of APL-130277 for the management of “off” motor symptoms of Parkinson’s…

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Open Payments Errors Could Put Physicians in a Bad Light

As the Open Payments website becomes more user-friendly, physicians must ensure their disclosures are accurate, or risk misinterpretation.


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